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LM are truly here to solve your every wedding crisis. If it’s a couple of weeks to the big day or still several months to go, LM can step in where you left off and complete the wedding planning without you having to give it another sleepless night’s thought.

Did you think you would have more time to plan your wedding but something came up or are too busy at work? Or is it that you don’t have the time to look for suppliers to fit your tight budget? Or are you simply a busy bride and need inspiration for your perfect dress? LM can offer flexible solutions and provide you with the expert service you require to suit your needs.

Call LM to ask for specific help or advice on any aspect of your wedding at any time or day, we are available 24/7 to support you all the way. In order to get an idea of the aspects of your wedding which we can take care for you click on Bestwomen service and LM package.

But, if you want answers to some pressing questions now, here are some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to weddings:

  • What is the role of a maid of honour?
    A maid of honour (matron of honour if she is married) or indeed man of honour is usually the person entrusted with the most responsibilities from your bridesmaids. She is usually one of your closest friends or siblings. Her role involves making sure the bride is calm and relaxed, before during and after the wedding, helping the bride make any difficult choices in wedding planning, and that on the day the bride looks as magical as she feels. Usually, she also has something different in her bridesmaid’s clothing to make her stand out from the other bridesmaids.
  • What role do my parents play in the wedding?
    Typically, the bride’s guardian of choice (traditionally, her father) walks her down the aisle. In Catholic wedding ceremonies, the parents of both parties are also expected to the present the offerings of bread and wine before the altar. Otherwise, the parents need to remember to always smile for photographs, be supportive of their children, and have a good time.
  • Are there any serious considerations I should think about before choosing a venue?
    Venues are always a crucial aspect of any wedding – whether it’s on a beach, a pool area, public or private gardens, a historical venue, a palazzo, a hotel ballroom or even a luxurious boat. It’s different for every couple. But the two top things to always keep in mind are: weather conditions and budget. If you’re set on a November wedding, you should probably look for somewhere indoors. If it’s at the peak of August, make sure the place gets a nice breeze or is air-conditioned in some areas.
  • How many items should I put on the menu?
    The number of items on your menu depends on the assortment of items in your choice of menu between canapés, pastry, sandwiches, fish, meats, poultry and desert items. Remember to include food items based on the general tastes of your guests and not solely on your tastes and those of your partner.

    There are many ways to present your items and to add some creativity to your menu, popular ways include flying buffets where portion-sized hot or cold meals are served to the guests, shot glasses, themed food stations, live cooking and carvery stations. In any case, you should always ask your caterer for a small taste of the items. You don’t want to disappoint your guests.

    Your food menu may be complemented by drink stations such as wine bars, cocktail bars, champagne stations, port tables, coffee tables and the like. You might wish to include food items on these stations which go well with the drink in question.
  • Is it possible to estimate how many guests will show up from the guest-list?
    Actually, yes it is! It’s estimated that around 15% of guests from a guest-list will not show up, either due to work commitments or travel restrictions or any other reason. So it’s always wise to take that into consideration when thinking about venue and catering.
  • How wide a variety of drinks do I need to have?
    This part is easy, as this is usually all taken care of by your beverage provider. Your supplier will give you a list of alcoholic drinks and their categories (whisky, brandy, gin, vodka, rum, liquors, aperitif, wine, port, vermouth and champagne), as well as the brand names they provide for each category. You select the brands you want, and the rest is up to the bartender on the day.
  • What do I do for souvenirs and thank you gifts?
    The possibilities are endless. You can choose to give your guests souvenirs which are practical (place mats, corkscrews, candle holders, fans, flip flops, notebooks, compact mirrors), decorative, edible (such as cake, candy, small vases of honey or wine) or instead donate the equivalent of your expense on souvenirs to a charity or NGO. In the case of the latter institutions such as Puttinu Cares, the Malta Community Chest Fund and the Hospice Movement provide you with tokens which state that you have made a donation to that institution. Make sure to have many souvenirs as the number of invites you will be sending out.
  • What should the groom wear?
    Nowadays, the groom can be a little creative with what he wants from his men’s clothing other than the classic black suit. A lot of men are choosing to wear bowties, or to wear full on tuxes, or even to wear lighter shades for weddings set in the summer months. While there isn’t exactly a wrong way to dress, it’s always good to check with your experienced LM planner before going ahead with a decision.
  • Do I really need pre-wedding and post-wedding photos?
    This is completely a matter of your own personal taste. If you’re a little camera shy, then don’t do it. If you have a specific photographer that you really like and want to commemorate the day with some unique photographs, go ahead. There really isn’t a right or wrong way of choosing.
  • What happens after the cake is cut?
    Well, this depends on how you want your wedding to dwindle to its close. In some weddings, the guests eat their cake, drink a little more coffee and be on their way. But if you have room in the budget, sometimes cigars are handed out and some more sweets are passed round, and the event goes on a little longer until your guests finish up their conversation and head home.