Les Mimis Package

Thousands of destination and themed weddings take place every year, and thousands of brides and grooms walk down the white carpet of the aisle every year. Which is why you might be asking yourself: how am I going to make my wedding stand out and stick in everyone’s mind?

That’s where the Les Mimis Package comes in. With this particular package, you will see that your dream vision of your wedding will become actualised. Whether you want a beach venue, a romantic garden setting, or a classy hotel hall, the Les Mimis Package has everything sorted for any wedding happening in Malta.

Wedding Bride - Les Mimis
By selecting this package, you’ll be in for a much more relaxed and enjoyable wedding planning experience, because we’ll be doing most of the work for you. All you have to do is give us your input and tell us what you want.

The Les Mimis Package truly takes care of every detail there is to planning a wedding. Some of the more specialised services offered in this package include:

  • Budgeting the wedding
  • Preparing portfolios and proposals of potential options for all the individual elements of your wedding, complete with quotes from various companies and service providers at a special LM discounted price
  • Coordinating with suppliers by setting up meetings between the client and supplier
  • Finding the perfect venue for both the ceremony and reception of the wedding according to the client’s vision
  • Coordinating bookings, contracts, deposits and payments on the client’s behalf
  • Setting-up of regular meetings with the client in order to keep the client constantly updated and informed, as well as to keep the ball rolling smoothly up until the big day
  • Providing advice on the rituals of religious ceremonies, as well as providing suggested readings, songs and religious figures for the ceremony
  • Setting-up of additional meetings with those who will be involved in any way in the wedding ceremony and reception, such as parents, the maid of honor, the bestman, bridesmaids, witnesses, ushers, and so on in order to ensure smooth coordination on the day
  • Coordination of the entire event starting from the wedding ceremony, taken care of by two experienced Les Mimis planners, at least one of which will have been with the client throughout the entire process of the wedding planning
  • Coordinating the delivery and presentation of food and beverages on the day
  • Creation of a running-order for the wedding day which would entail how the day ought to unfold step-by-step from the second the wedding cars pick up their passengers all the way till the very end, as well as a clear delineation of what each involved person’s role requires of them throughout the wedding

But over and above all this, the Les Mimis Package means that you will have someone experienced in this field constantly with you at all times to lend advice, help you figure out the concept and theme behind your wedding, and generally strive towards making sure your vision of your dream-wedding becomes a reality.

So, whether you’re someone who prefers lanterns over chandeliers, or vice-versa, or both, the Les Mimis Package is the one for you. With it on your side, you’re sure to have a wedding that remains imprinted on your guests’ minds for years to come.