Foreign Weddings

You’re getting married, and want to tie the knot in a country other than your own. You skim through the map, and the sunny Maltese archipelago catches your eye.

Perhaps you’ve already visited the Maltese islands multiple times, and they hold a special place in your heart, or you're simply enthralled with the idea of marrying abroad in a new, exotic location and why not a beach wedding; or you wish to have the honeymoon in the same location as the wedding, surrounded by our beautiful sandy beaches and pictoresque wedding locations.

Marrying Abroad - Les Mimis
Whatever the case, Les Mimis will make sure that the islands will excellently host the unification of your love on your wedding day. We have extensive experience in planning foreign weddings, and have no doubt that we will be able to provide you with the same satisfaction as our numerous previous clients.

Indeed, in planning your foreign wedding, Les Mimis will provide you with the same services we provide to all other clients; that is taking care of the entire planning process to ensure that your wedding is realised according to your vision.

We will aid you in the venue selection process, and find the most suitable location for you, whether you want a wedding with traditional or more contemporary stylings. We will then help with the venue set up and design, and can do so according to a select theme or general preferences. In addition to logistics and decoration, we will also take care of the entire coordination process, from meeting and negotiating with suppliers and participants on your behalf, to the entire scheduling and running of the event.

For more information on the services you will be getting through Les Mimis, read through our Bestwomen package.

However, additional attention and services will be provided, in account of the fact that the wedding being organised is a foreign one. Therefore, we will assist you in essential necessities specific to foreign weddings, including finding comfortable and scenic accommodation options according to your preferences and budget.

We will also assist you in all legal matters that surface in situations of foreign weddings, especially with regard to sorting out Church and/or civil papers for marriage registry purposes.

We will also handle contractual and monetary affairs while always informing you of the negotiation process, ensuring that you are aware of all the processes but do not need to experience any hassle.

For further clarification on any queries you may have, contact Les Mimis directly to ask for a free consultation meeting, in which all your concerns will be heeded to and thorough initial discussions regarding the planning process will be held.