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There is no occasion more wonderful than a wedding, but planning for the perfect night takes a lot of hard work. Fortunately, Les Mimis does all the planning for you, making your special day perfect and unique, as well as worry-free.

Les Mimis has, surely and steadily, become synonymous with professional wedding planning services in Malta and Gozo. With a strong reputation built from years of experience and a track record of satisfied clients, Les Mimis can provide the perfect solution for anyone planning a wedding in the Maltese archipelago, regardless of whether one is looking for a Church or civil ceremony.

With a vast network of suppliers and trusted contacts, Les Mimis is more than equipped to reach out to top names to ensure your venue, decorations, catering, entertainment, music (via band and/or DJ service), invitations and any other requests are selected and designed to create your tailor-made wedding.

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The ethos of Les Mimis is simple: this is your special day, not ours. As such, all our wedding planning solutions are completely personalised to match the stylistic and logistical preferences of the bride and groom.

Whether the couple is looking to have a modern and more unique set up complete with fireworks, candy cart, letter and love signs, photo booth, balloon décor, or prefers to opt for more classic and traditional solutions, Les Mimis will make sure your wedding represents your vision, and will do so according to any budgetary requirement.

Les Mimis offers a FREE consultation session to all interested clients to assure them that they would be getting exactly what they want at the highest available standards.